What is Speaking in IELTS? [Sections,Marks Allocations]

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Speaking Module in IELTS

Speaking in IELTS Module is one of the module from Academic Test Format of IELTS which is the shortest test of 10-15 minutes only.

It consists of 3 different sections which has its own format of module

Speaking module checks for conversational skill ,So the more natural you are, the better you will be judged.

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Marking Criteria

The marking criteria for Speaking module in IELTS are concisely given below:

1.Fluency and Coherence( Clear) – 25%

2.Lexical Resources -25%

3.Grammatical Range and Accuracy -25%

4. Pronunciation -25%

Pro-Tips:(*) Use accurate words rather than pretentious ones.

e.g: (i). Don’t—————–> I take out money from bank

which can be written as;

(ii). Do————————-> I withdraw money from bank

(*) Never answer with just yes/no reply, give the detailed response on why/why not.

(*) Be extremely time sensitive in section 2

3 Different Sections of IELTS Speaking Module

There are three different sections of IELTS Speaking Module: Section1, Section2, Section3.

Section 1

The section 1 of IELTS Speaking module consists of informal introductions which is generally untimed.

It is also regarded as an identity check

Well, there will be simple questions and answers on a general topic.

🎉Tip:1 Be very engaging with your answers

🎉Tip:2 Expect Questions on Educations, Locations, Hobbies, likes/Dislikes etc.

As per my personal experience, this format for section 1 of IELTS Speaking module will benefit you to prepare for an examination test:

✅Your Name
✅Your Address
✅Your Work, Education, Background
✅ Your Future Plans
✅Your passion, Hobbies ,Likes

Section 2

Well, for the section 2 of IELTS Speaking module, a topic card will be given for you.

You will be given one minute to write notes which you can call as brainstorming ideas time

So, using those notes that you have written, you need to give a speech of 1-2 minutes precisely without a pause.

🎉Tip:1 Make sure , you speak for adequate time

🎉Tip:2 Please, stay on topic while speaking about the topic.

Section 3

Finally, the section 3 of IELTS Speaking module comprises an abstract questions based on same topic of section 2.

It is advised to answer what is exactly being asked being at the lane so, you will be analyzed as competent and precise candidate

Then, add more details after giving the specific answer to be more engaging.

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