SEE Results 2081 with Marksheet: Check SEE GPA Score(A+)

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What is SEE Exam In Nepal?

SEE stands for Secondary Education Examination Which is conducted for Grade 10 students in Nepal.

Previously, SEE exam was referred as SLC(School Leaving Certificate) Until 2071B.S where the marks were distributed in terms of Percentage(%), With Full marks of 100 and Pass marks of 32.

Percentage(%) Evaluation

80% and above: Distinction marks

60% and above: First Division Marks

40% and above: Second Division Marks and so on..

Later in 2072 B.S , Minister of Education changed SLC Examination Board exam format of Percentage Evaluation to grading system as GPA Scores.

S.N.GradingGPA ScoresResults
3.B+2.8-3.2Very Good
7.D+1.2-1.6Partially acceptable
9.E0-0.8Very Insufficient

How to check SEE results 2081 with marksheets online?

We can check SEE result 2081 with marksheet online through 3 different ways: Checking see results from website, from sms and IVR.

If you want to know your overall SEE result 2080 with every subjects scores and want to download the result in pdf form then : You can check your result by following these 3 methods.

1.Go to :Enter Your symbol number, date of birth and submit get result .

check see results 2080 online with marksheet by

2.Go to : Enter your Symbol Number, Date of birth and do submit.

3.Go to Enter Your symbol number, date of birth and passed year then click search result .

check see results online by

4.Go to Enter Your symbol number, then click search result .

SEE GPA Grading System In Nepal: 2079/2080

see results gpa scores in nepal by

When SEE result 2080/2081 will publish?

SEE result 2080/2081 is expected to be published soon within third week of Ashar 2081

How to check see results via SMS in 2079/2080?

When SEE Result 2081 is published by , Most of see students visit the site to check their SEE Results 2081 with marksheet online.

But, due to the high traffic and bandwidths in the website, it is found that the server crashes for a certain bit of time.

So, the secondary option to check see results 2081 will be none other than checking see results through SMS service.

To Check out your GPA Scores and result performance of SEE 2081 through SMS, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • 1.Go to message box, type SEE and your SEE admit card symbol number code . For e.g: SEE 024277E
  • 2.After you enter your SEE and Symbol number, send it to 1600
  • 3.Finally , you will receive the message from 1600, about your SEE results 2080 GPA scores.

How to check see results via IVR in 2080/2081?

The last third option to check your see results via IVR in 2080/2081 is quite easier with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Dial 1600 and Follow the instruction
  2. Following the instruction, enter your SEE symbol number code and then
  3. Finally, you will hear your SEE results easily.

SEE Results 2078 Statistics

According to the statistics provided by in 2078,there were 4,352( Four thousands , three hundred and fifty two) males students and 5,281( Five thousands two hundred eighty one) females students ,9633( Nine thousands , Six hundred and thirty three) in total who got GPA Scores of 3.6-4.0

Similarly, there were 19,135(Nineteen thousands, one hundred and thirty five) males students and 22,491(Twenty two thousands, four hundred and ninety one) females students ,41,267(Forty one thousands two hundred and sixty seven) in total who got GPA Scores of 3.2-3.6

In the same way, there were 32,025(Thirty two thousands, twenty five) males students and 37,871(Thirty seven thousands ,eight hundred and seventy one) females students ,69900(Sixty nine thousands and nine hundreds) in total who got GPA Scores of 2.8-3.2

Well, there were 43,857(Forty three thousands, eight hundreds and fifty seven) males students and 46,898(Forty six thousands ,eight hundred and ninety eight) females students ,90758(Ninety thousands , seven hundred and fifty eight) in total who got GPA Scores of 2.4-2.8

Furthermore, there were 58,980(Fifty eight thousands, nine hundred and eighty) males students and 53,742(Fifty three thousands , seven hundred and forty two) females students ,112733(One lakh twelve thousands , seven hundred and thirty three) in total who got GPA Scores of 2.0-2.4

Additionally, there were 53,823(Fifty three thousands , eight hundred and twenty three) males students and 46,767(Forty six thousands, seven hundred and sixty seven) females students ,100594(One lakh , five hundred and ninety four) in total who got GPA Scores of 1.6-2.0

Likewise, there were 21,204(Twenty one thousands , two hundred and four) males students and 23,380(Twenty three thousands , three hundred and eighty) females students ,44586(Forty four thousands , five hundred and eighty six) in total who got GPA Scores of 1.2-1.6

Finally , there were 1,628(One thousands , six hundred and twenty eight) males students and 1,652(One thousand, six hundred and fifty two) females students ,3,280(Three thousands, two hundred and eighty) in total who got GPA Scores of 0.8-1.2


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