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Projectors Price in Nepal

There are Numbers of new Projectors released in Nepal priced under 50,000, Projectors price under 1,00,000,Projectors price under 2,00,000, Projectors price under 3,00,000, in Nepal and above.

We have covered the latest Projectors price released in Nepal of Various Popular Brands in Complete table below. With an innovation of technology, Projectors features and specifications are always gets upgraded.

Key Takeaways:” Projectors market shares has been increased in Nepal, dominated by Optoma Projectors, BenQ projectors, Viewsonic Projectors, Wiselaxer and more..”

Disclaimer:” The Price of Projectors Lens fluctuates from time to time because of various reasons like Offers in Festivals, Events etc. So, We request every users to keep updated with the latest price.

Projectors Price in Nepal: All Brands Covered:2023

S.NLatest Projectors Price in NPR
1.RioTouch Digital Smart Board (Interactive
Flat Panel) 75 Inch
NPR 310,000
2.Viewsonic Projector PX748-4K 4,000 ANSI
Lumens 4K Home Projector
NPR  245,999
3.TK 700 STI ProjectorsNPR 240,000
4.RioTouch Digital Smart Board (Interactive
Flat Panel) 65 Inch
NPR 230,000
5.Optoma EH512 – Optoma EH512 1080P
WUXGA Support Business
NPR 225,000
6.BenQ TK700 Gaming Projector (4K HDR
| 3200 Lumens | 1.07 B Color
NPR 218,300
7.Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Gaming
Projector | 3,600 Lumens | 4.2ms
NPR 200,000
8.Vivitek DU857 ProjectorNPR 195,000
9.Optoma ZW350 Laser ProjectorNPR 169,000
10.Vivitek DW855 ProjectorNPR 169,000
11.Optoma LASER ZW350- Optoma LASER
3500 lumens, DLP Display
NPR 168,750
12.Benq Wireless Smart Projector EH600NPR 165,000
13.ASUS P3B Battery-Powered Portable
LED Projector
NPR 137,200
14.Optoma EH335 ProjectorNPR 134,000
15.BenQ TH575 Home Theater Projector
(Full HD | 3800 Lumens | 1.07 B
NPR 132,500
16.Viewsonic Projector M2e Instant Smart
1080p Portable LED Projector
NPR 127,999
17.Benq Wireless Smart Projector
NPR  125,000
18.Canon LV-X300ST Short Throw
Multimedia Projector
NPR 125,000
19.BenQ EW600 WXGA Wireless Android Smart
Projector for Meeting Room
NPR 115,000
20.Optoma W319ST ProjectorNPR 115,000
21.BenQ MH550 1080p Business ProjectorNPR 112,000
22.MX631ST 3200lms XGA Meeting Room
NPR 109,000
23.Benq Wireless Smart Projector EX600NPR 105,000
24.ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED ProjectorNPR 100,800
25.Optoma ML1050ST ProjectorNPR 99,000
26.Optoma W400LVE Projector NPR 91,000
27.Viewsonic Projector PA503W 3,800
ANSI Lumens WXGA Business
NPR  84,599
28.HDP500 1080p digital projectors mini
led projector data show projector
NPR 79,999
29.NEC NP-VE304XG ProjectorNPR 73,800
30.Vivitek BX571 ProjectorNPR 73,000
31.NEC NP-VE304XG ProjectorNPR  72,160
32.Projector Infocus IN114AA 3800 ANSI
Lumens XGA(1024*768)
NPR 71,000
33.Optoma LV130 Ultra-Portable ProjectorNPR 68,600
34.BenQ MX550 Business Projector
(XGA | 3600 Lumens |
NPR 65,500
35.BENQ MS560 4000lms SVGA Meeting
Room Projector Crystal Clear
NPR 65,399
36.Rd602 Dlp Mini 3D Projector 2400 Lumen
Android Wifi Projector Active
NPR 65,000
37.ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High
Brightness Projector
NPR 61,400
38.HDP300, 200inch Screen, 3 Hours Working
Time, HDMi, Wireless Stream
NPR 60,000
39.Viewsonic PA503SE 4,000 Lumens
SVGA Business Projector
NPR 55,999
40.InFocus DLP Projector P130NPR 55,000
41.Acer Projector X1226AH XGA DLPNPR  55,000
42.Dlp 3200Lms Bright With 20,000:1
Contrast Ratio For Engaging
NPR 52,000
43.ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High
Brightness Projector for Home 
NPR 51,999
44.RD809 DLP projectorNPR 49,999
45.Cl760 Hd Lcd Led 3200 Lumens 1080P
Video Games Tv Home
NPR 48,000
46.Byintek K25 Smart 4K Video
Android Projector
NPR 47,500
47.Q8 NTS Projector HD 5.8 Single
LCD 1920*1080 College School
NPR 44,900
48.UB30 Android9.0 WiFi BT 3D 4K
370ANSI Brightness 11000Lumen
NPR 39,999
49.VIVIBRIGHT Projector F40UP Smart
Android Wifi Led Laser Projector
NPR 40,000
50.Smile CY-5815 Projector With Android
9.0, 6000Lumens, 1920*1080, 5.8
NPR 39,999
51.KODAK LUMA 150 Portable Wireless
NPR  40,000
52.BL-99 1920×1080 320ANSI Portable
Mini Home Theater LED HD Digital
NPR  38,999
53.Wiselazer A40 Real Full HD ( 1920X1080 )
4k Support Android 9.
NPR  35,000
54.Cheerlux CL770 LCD Projector Native
1080P HD 4000 Lumens Support 3D
NPR 34,000
55.Projector, CL760 3600 Lux Full HD
Led Video Projector Support 1080P
NPR 33,000
56.Newest ViviBright F20 LED Video
Projector Android 6.0 Smart Theater
NPR 33,000
57.AUN AKEY6S Pro Android 9.0 Smart
LED Projector, Real Full HD
NPR 32,990
58.Cl760 Hd Lcd Led 3200 Lumens 1080P
Video Games Tv Home
NPR  31,999
59.Wiselaxer X5 Full HD (1920X1080 ) Android
4k Support Projector 6000
NPR 30,500
60.T8 Full Hd Led Projector Android
Portable Video Projector
NPR  28,999
61.SMILE LED CY-4012 Android White
Projector With Lamp Life: 50000
NPR 27,999
62.Wiselazer S40 HD Projector 3600 lumensNPR 19,000
63.Vivibright F10 ProjectorNPR 17,500
64.T6 3500 Lumens 4K HD WiFi Projector
For Home Use
NPR 16,000
65.YG530 WiFi Projector LED HD
1080P Mini Projector
NPR 15,999
66.Docooler LCD T6 Mini Smart WiFi
Projector Support 1080p HD
NPR 15,700
67.T5 Mini Portable Multimedia Lcd
Projector – Black White Pse Plug
NPR 15,600
Projectors Price in Nepal: All Brands Covered:2023

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