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Monitors Price in Nepal

There are Numbers of new Monitors released in Nepal priced under 50,000, Monitor price under 80,000, Monitor price under 1,00,000, Monitor price under 1,50,000, in Nepal and above.

We have covered the latest Monitor price released in Nepal of Various Popular Brands in Complete table below. With an innovation of technology, Monitor features and specifications are always gets upgraded.

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Key Takeaways:” Monitor Market shares increased in Nepal, dominated by Dell Monitors, Samsung Monitors, Acer Monitors, Hitec Monitors, BenQ Monitors ,MSI Monitors and more..”

Disclaimer:” The Price of Monitors fluctuates from time to time because of various reasons like Offers in Festivals, Events etc. So, We request every users to keep updated with the latest price

Dell monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest Dell MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Dell UltraSharp U2723QE 27″ 4K UHD
WLED LCD Monitor – 16:9 – Black
NPR 116,000
2.Dell 23.8″ FHD Touch Monitor –
P2418HT (1920 x 1080)
NPR 66,500
3..Dell U2422H UltraSharp 24 Inch FHD
Monitor,60Hz, IPS, 5ms,100% sRGB
NPR 59,400
4.Dell P2423D 23.8″ QHD WLED LCD MonitorNPR 56,800
5.Dell U2422H UltraSharp 24 Inch FHD
Monitor, 60Hz, IPS, 5ms,100% sRGB
NPR 52,500
6.Dell WLED 27 inch IPS 60Hz FHD Monitor
– P2722H | 1920 x 1080 |
NPR 52,000
7.Dell Ultrasharp U2422H 24″ 16:9 IPS LED
FHD Monitor | USB-C |
NPR 50,500
8.Dell 27 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor
| S2721HGF
NPR 49,900
9.Dell 75Hz 27-inch USB-C Monitor FHD
(1920 x 1080) – S2723HC
NPR 48,000
10.Dell 27 inch Monitor S2721HNNPR  41,900
11.DELL Monitor 27 Inch S2721HN
FHD Borderless
NPR 38,000
12.Dell S2721HGF 144Hz Gaming Monitor
27 Inch Curved Monitor
NPR 38,000
13.Dell S2421HN Monitor 24-inch
Borderless FHD
NPR  32,000
14.Dell S2421Hgf 24’’ Monitor Full Hd Led
Backlit Tn Panel 1920X1080
NPR 28,000
15.Dell 22″ (55.88 cm) FHD Monitor 1920
X 1080 Pixels @60 Hz, VA
NPR 26,000
16.Dell Monitor 22” (SE2222H)NPR 25,500
17.Dell E2216HV 21.5-inch Full HD LED Backlit
Computer Monitor (Black)
NPR  24,000
18.Dell E2222H 21.5″ Full HD LED LCD
Monitor – 16:9 – Black
NPR 24,000
19.Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG 23.6″ TN
LCD Monitor with 2ms Response
NPR 23,999
20.Dell 19 Inch E2016HV LED MonitorNPR 20,000
21.DELL Monitor D1918H 18.5″ Monitor with
VGA and HDMI Port
NPR  20,000
22.Dell 19 Monitor D1918H 18.5″ (47 cm)
1366×768 at 60 Hz, 1xHDMI
NPR 17,999
23.Dell Monitor 24” S2421HN Full HD IPS
(1920×1080) AMD FreeSync
NPR 16,999
24.Genuine Dell 18.5″ HD LED Monitor with
VGA & HDMI connectivity,
NPR 16,000
25.Dell 19.5 inch E2016HV TN Panel VGA
Input Monitor
NPR 15,999
Dell monitors price in Nepal

Samsung monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest Samsung MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Samsung 32 Inch Monitor (2560 X 1440)
2K IPS Panel Eye Care Technology 75Hz
NPR 107,490
2.Samsung 27-inch Gaming, 240Hz, 1ms,
IPS, Flat Monitor, FHD, Nvidia G-Sync
Compatible (LS27BG400EWXXL)
NPR 86,990
3.Samsung Odyssey G4 27 Inch FHD Gaming
Monitor With 240Hz Refresh Rate
NPR 79,999
4.Samsung 27″ CFG73 Gaming Monitor
with Quantum Dot
NPR 62,000
5.Samsung Odyssey 27 inch MonitorNPR  38,500
6.Samsung 24-inch FHD Monitor, IPS Panel
Borderless Design 75 Hz, AMD Free-Sync,
Flicker Free, HDMI, D-sub, (LF24T350FHWXXL)
NPR 34,499
7.Samsung 24″ Curved Monitor CF390 with
Super Slim
NPR  31,700
8.Samsung 24″ LS24C310EAEXXS 75hz IPS
Freesync Essential Monitor
NPR  24,999
9.Samsung 22 Inch Monitor with 3-Sided
Borderless Design LF22T350FHWXXL
NPR  22,990
10.Samsung 22 inch FHD IPS Panel Monitor
75Hz (LF22T354FHWXXL)
NPR 21,499
Samsung monitors price in Nepal

Acer monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest Acer MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Nitro XZ2 Series Curved Gaming Monitor
| XZ342CU P 34-inch WQHD
NPR 86,600
2.NITRO XZ2 SERIES MONITOR-35 inchesNPR 79,999
3.Acer KG251Q Gaming Monitor, 24.5″ Full HD
Display, LCD, 1920 x 1080
NPR 46,653
4.Acer K202HQL Monitor 19.5 Inch DisplayNPR 20,000
5.Acer LED Backlit Computer LCD Monitor With
VGA and HDMI Ports – K202HQL
(1366 x 768 Pixels, 49.39 cm)
NPR 15,999
6.Acer EH200Q Bi 19.5-Inch MonitorNPR 15,999
7.ACER K202HQL 20″ HD LED Monitor
(TN Panel,50/60Hz,D-Sub/HDMI)
NPR 14,299
8.Acer Nitro 24” .QG240Y H3 (100Hz) Gaming
NPR 22,499
Acer monitors price in Nepal

Hitec monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest Hitec MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.HITECH 144Hz Gaming Monitor 27 Inch
Monitor With FHD (1920 x 1080) Display
NPR 27,999
2.Hitech 24 Inch Gaming PC Monitor 144HzNPR 21,999
3.Hitech 24 Inch Gaming PC Monitor 75hzNPR 18,777
4.Hitech LED Computer Monitor 22″ Inch
Quality And Design
NPR 10,989
5.HiTech 19 inch LED Monitor with Hdmi
& Vga
NPR 8,200
6.Hitech 15.6″ LED Monitor with HDMI
and VGA
NPR 5,500
7.15 Inch Hitech Led Monitor With VGA &
HDMI Supported Black In Color
NPR  4,899
8.Hitech LED Monitor 19″ Inch Quality
and Design
NPR 6,999
Hitec monitors price in Nepal

BenQ monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest BenQ MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.BenQ SW270C Photo graphic 2k
NPR 162,000
2.BenQ Monitor SW270C 27-inch 2K
AdobeRGB USB-C Photographer
NPR 151,999
3.BenQ PD3205U Professional Designer Monitor
(31.5″ 4K UHD | IPS
NPR  137,200
4.BenQ PD3205U 32 Inch 4K UHD IPS Computer
Monitor for Designers
NPR 136,400
5.BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710R 27” 2K Curved
Gaming Monitor 165Hz 1ms
NPR 100,800
6.BenQ PD2705U 27 inch 4K Monitor USB-C,
sRGB and Rec.709, HDR10
NPR 96,999
7.BenQ XL2546KNPR 82,800
8.BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch 4K Computer Monitor
with Built in Speaker
NPR 80,700
9.BenQ EX2780Q 27″ QHD 2560 x 1440 2K
Resolution 144Hz Gaming Monitor
NPR  77,999
10.BenQ Zowie XL2546 24.5 inch 240 Hz
Esports Gaming Monitor, 1ms,
NPR 77,400
11.EW2880U | 28″ 4K IPS P3 HDRi
Premium Monitor
NPR 72,000
12.BenQ EX2710NPR 58,800
13.BenQ EX2510NPR 50,400
14.BenQ XL2411KNPR 44,400
15.BenQ Zowie XL2411K 24 Inch 144Hz
Gaming Monitor 24″
NPR 40,000
16.Benq Xl2411p Gaming MonitorNPR 39,000
17.BenQ Mobiuz EX240N Gaming Monitor
(24″ Full HD Narrow Bezel |
NPR 35,800
18.BenQ Zowie XL2411K 60.96 cm (24 Inch)
144 Hz Gaming Monitor, 1080P
NPR 34,999
19.BenQ EW2480 Gaming Monitor (23.8″ Full
HD Narrow Bezel | IPS Panel |
NPR 28,450
20.Benq 22-inch Eye-care Stylish Monitor
NPR 22,000
21.BenQ GW2283 22 Inch Monitor, IPS, FHD,
Built-in Speaker
NPR 18,999
BenQ monitors price in Nepal

MSI monitors price in Nepal

S.NLatest MSI MonitorsLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.MSI Optix G32CQ4 32″ WQHD 2560 x 1440
(2K) 1ms (MPRT) 165Hz
NPR 78,000
2.MSI Optix G281UV Gaming & Professional
Monitor (27.9″ 4K UHD
NPR 71,400
3.MSI Optix G32C4 Curved Gaming Monitor
(31.5″ Full HD Borderless |
NPR 69,600
4.MSI G274QPF-QD MonitorNPR 64,999
5.MSI Optix G273QF Gaming Monitor (27″
2K QHD Borderless | IPS Panel |
NPR 58,800
6.MSI Modern MD272QPW Monitor (27″ 2K
QHD Borderless | IPS Panel |
NPR 58,200
8.MSI Modern MD271QPW Universal Type
“C” Connection
NPR 55,200
9.MSI Optix G27CQ4 Curved Gaming Monitor
– 27-inch 165Hz WQHD
NPR 54,999
10.MSI Optix MAG241C 23.6 inch Full HD
Curved Gaming Monitor, 144hz
NPR 46,800
11.Gaming Monitor 24 Inch MSI Optix G241
-60.96 cm (24 inch) IPS Gaming
NPR 45,999
12.MAG ARTYMIS 242C, 23.6″, 1920 x 1080,
165HZ, 1ms(MPRT), VA, 250
NPR  45,600
13.MSI Optix MAG241C, 23.6″, 1920 x 1080
(FHD), 144Hz, 1ms, VA, 300 nits
NPR 39,000
14.MSI Modern MD241P 24″, 1920 x 1080
(FHD), IPS, 75Hz, TUV Certified
NPR 35,999
15.Curved Gaming Monitor MSI Optix MAG241
C (23.8″ Full HD Borderless |
NPR 35,900
16.MSI Optix G244F FHD IPS 170Hz FreeSync
Gaming Monitor
NPR 34,999
18.Modern MD241P, 23.8″ 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
, 75Hz, IPS, 5ms, 250 cd/m2
NPR 31,800
19.MSI PRO MP242C Curved Monitor (23.8″
Full HD Borderless | 1500R
NPR  25,000
MSI monitors price in Nepal

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