What is Listening in IELTS? [Sections,Marks Allocations]

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Listening Module in IELTS

Listening Module iis one of the module from Academic Test Format of IELTS which is 30 minutes test(which is generally the shortest of three modules).

It consists of 40 questions spread across 4 sections

Well, each section gets progressively harder but, if we do practice each and every day then, you will not find listening module complex.

Generally, 10 minutes extra time is given to copy answers to answer sheets.

From my own personal experience, when i was reading IELTS, My mentor advised me to write all the answers in CAPITAL that gives clear meaning of Words

It is advised to check grammar if answer have ‘s’ at end.

e.g. ‘rule’ -> ‘rules’

An additional false information may be provided right before or after the right answer.

A range of accents from the Commonwealth countries may be used, for e.g: Australia, Canadian, South African etc.

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Descriptions of Sections

Sections 1(Non-Academic)

Its a conversation inquiring about a product or service

It comprises fill in the blanks

Sections 2( Non-Academic)

It consists of monologue where one person speaks ( E.G: TV anchor, Radio Jockey)

It consists if MCQ’s

It consists of Map

Sections 3(Academic)

It consists of Group discussion on an academic topic

It consists of MCQ’s

Sections 4(Academic)

It consists of Lecture (7-10 Minutes long)

It consists Fill in the blanks.


(i). Use of Compass for directions:

maps by kathmandueditions.com

(ii).Using landmarks for directions:

Usually important landmarks are labelled.

(iii).Language that dictates directions:

E.g: Take the second left

take immediate right

take first exit

past the bridge

across the bridge

it will be on your left

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