Laptop Bag Price in Nepal:Samsonite,One Polar,American Tourister[New-2024]

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Laptop Bag Price in Nepal

There are Numbers of new Laptop Bag released in Nepal priced under 10,000, Laptop Bag price under 20,000, Laptop Bag price under 30,000, Laptop Bag price under 50,000, in Nepal and above.

We have covered the latest Laptop Bag price released in Nepal of Various Popular Brands in Complete table below. With an innovation of technology, Laptop Bag features and specifications are always gets upgraded.

Key Takeaways:” Laptop Bag market shares has been increased in Nepal, dominated by Samsonite, American Tourister, One Polar, Ozuko and more..”

Disclaimer:” The Price of Laptop Bag fluctuates from time to time because of various reasons like Offers in Festivals, Events etc. So, We request every users to keep updated with the latest price

Laptop Bag Price in Nepal: All Brands Included:2023

S.NLatest Laptop Bag Latest Price in NPR
1.Samsonite Zento Backpack VI Tag
Heath.Grey AO9 0 48 006
NPR 73,337
2.Samsonite Pro DLX 5 Backpack Exp LP
15.6in Black (CG7 0 09 008)
NPR 55,935
3.Samsonite Sefton Backpack S
W/ Exp TCP
NPR 48,703
4.Samsonite Sefton Backpack DV5NPR 40,454
5.Samsonite Cityscape II Laptop Backpack
15.6 3PT Grey/Navy
NPR 40,341
6.Samsonite Garde Backpack VI Navy
AE1 0 41 006
NPR 37,516
7.Samsonite Garde Backpack V Exp
Navy AE1 0 41 005
NPR 36,499
8.Samsonite Securipak Laptop
Backpack 15.6
NPR 32,544
9.Samsonite Avant Backpack IV BlackNPR 29,041
10.Samsonite Varsity Laptop Backpack
N3 Black AQ2 0 09 007
NPR 22,374
11.Samsonite Varsity Laptop Backpack
N3 Black AQ2 0 09 007
NPR 21,131
12.AT Bass Backpack As Black TI6
0 09 102
NPR 21,131
13.Samsonite Albi Laptop Backpack N5
Black Grey (Z93 0 69 018)
NPR 21,018
14.American Tourister Zork Backpack 1ASNPR 18,306
15.American Tourister Zork 2.0 Backpack
2 AS
NPR 18,306
16.American Tourister Magna Backpack
NPR 17,854
17.American Tourister Amber Laptop
Backpack Black / Blue
NPR 16,724
18.Rhino Leather Laptop Bag for
Men ( Black )
NPR  14,000
19.One Polar 1393 Black Laptop Bag
With Raincover
NPR  10,575
20.One Polar 2081 Black Solid Laptop
Bag With Raincover
NPR 10,375
21.One Polar 979 Black Laptop
Bag With Raincover
NPR 9,500
22.One Polar 1395 Blue Solid Laptop
Bag With Raincover
NPR 9,200
23.One Polar 2156 Black/Grey Solid
Laptop Bag With Raincover
NPR 8,750
24.MSI Air Gaming Backpack – Laptop bag
for 14″, 15.6″ 17.3″ laptops
NPR  8,500
25.One Polar 2155 Black Laptop Bag
With Raincover
NPR 8,400
26.Hammonds Flycatcher Genuine Leather
Brown Laptop Backpack
NPR 8,250
27.One Polar 2168 Black Laptop Bag
With Raincover
NPR 7,675
28.One Polar 2166 Black Laptop
Bag With Raincover
NPR 7,500
29.One Polar 1781 Black Laptop Bag
With Raincover
NPR 7,400
30.Wiwu Alpha Double Layer Bag for
Macbook / Notebook – 15.6 Inch
NPR 7,050
31.POSO Backpack 17.3Inch Laptop Backpack
Fashion Travel Business
NPR  7,000
32.One Polar 1298 Red/Black Laptop
Bag With Raincover
NPR 6,900
33.OZUKO Business Backpacks USB
Charging 15.6″ Laptop Backpack
NPR 6,800
34.AOPINYOU Laptop Fashion Backpack
Travel Backpack For Men With Bag
NPR 6,800
35.Wiwu Alpha Double Layer Bag for
Macbook / Notebook – 13.3/14/15.6
NPR 6,500
36.ARCTIC HUNTER 2021 NEW Waterproof
Business Backpack Bag
NPR  5,990
37.Dell Ecoloop Urban Backpack
NPR 5,900
38.CAMP Venture 1 Backpack, Multipurpose
Bag, Laptop Bag
NPR 5,060
39.Coolbell Fashion 15.6 Inch Laptop
Backpack Travel Backpack
NPR 5,000
40.Safari Axis Backpack 19 inch | 3
Compartment | Rain Cover |
NPR 4,589
41.Dada 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack
for Men & Women
NPR 4,499
42.Dada 15 Inch Laptop Backpack
for Men & Women
NPR 4,499
Laptop Bag Price in Nepal: All Brands Included:2023

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