Kumar Pradhan

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Kumar Pradhan is the Founder of Decacont, Webedcutter, and a Serial Entrepreneur.

Early Life and Education

Kumar Pradhan was born in Jhapa District( Eastern Part of Nepal). He accomplished his schooling and higher secondary college taking Science from Jhapa District.

After completing his college academics, he came back to the capital of Nepal i.e.Kathmandu to pursue his goal of becoming a computer engineer. He completed a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering (B.E) from Acme Engineering College.

Business career


Notesprodigy, the brainchild of Kumar Pradhan, a Computer Engineer, stands as a beacon of knowledge for aspiring engineers. Launched on December 4, 2023, this educational blog is a haven for students pursuing their bachelor’s degree, particularly in fields like Computer Engineering. It’s more than just a website; it’s a meticulously crafted repository of engineering notes covering a wide array of subjects. Each chapter is elucidated with clarity, accompanied by figures and examples, all presented in simple, easy-to-understand language. This makes learning not only accessible but also enjoyable for every student.

The genesis of Notesprodigy was fueled by a desire to offer something invaluable to students – study notes that are as enriching as they are free. It’s like finding that extra bit of help, the cherry on top, especially during the crunch time of final exams. For students navigating the complex world of engineering, Notesprodigy has emerged as a vital resource.

But the vision of Notesprodigy doesn’t stop there. Looking ahead, there’s a commitment to expanding this treasure trove of knowledge. Plans are underway to include notes from various other engineering departments, making this platform a comprehensive educational resource. This is not just a website; it’s a journey towards making learning an engaging and enlightening experience for engineering students everywhere.

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