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Gaming Consoles Prices Price in Nepal

There are Numbers of new Gaming Consoles released in Nepal priced under 40,000, Gaming Consoles price under 60,000, Monitor price under 90,000, Monitor price under 1,25,000, in Nepal and above.

We have covered the latest Gaming Consoles price released in Nepal of Various Popular Brands in Complete table below. With an innovation of technology, Laptop features and specifications are always gets upgraded.

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Key Takeaways:” Gaming Consoles Demand has been increased in Nepal, dominated by Sony Playstation, Microsoft’s X-Box , Nintendo Switches ,and more..”

Disclaimer:” The Price of Gaming Consoles fluctuates from time to time because of various reasons like Offers in Festivals, Events etc. So, We request every users to keep updated with the latest price

Sony Playstation Price in Nepal

S.NLatest Sony PlaystationLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Sony PS5 PlayStation ConsoleNPR 125,000
2.Sony PlayStation VR2 – PS VR2NPR 115,900
3.Sony PlayStation 5 ( PS5) DIsc EditionNPR 94,999
4.Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) Digital EditionNPR 90,000
5.Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller
Galactic Purple
NPR 13,500
6.Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller
Cosmic Red
NPR 12,000
7.Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller
NPR 11,500
8.Sony Ps5 Game (Call of Duty: Modern
Warfare II) – PlayStation 5
NPR 10,500
9.Sony Ps4 Game (Call of Duty: Modern
Warfare II) – PlayStation 4
NPR 10,000
10.Sony Ps5 Game (Dead Island 2: Day 1
Edition – PlayStation 5)
NPR 9,800
11.Sony Ps5 Game (Need for Speed
Unbound – PlayStation 5)
NPR 9,500
12.Sony Ps5 Game (F1-2022)NPR  9,500
13.Sony Ps5 Game (A Plague Tale:
Requiem- Playstation5)
NPR 9,500
14.Sony Ps5 Game (Forspoken –
PlayStation 5)
NPR 9,500
15.Sony Ps5 Game (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
– PlayStation 5)
NPR 9,500
16.Sony Ps5 Game FIFA 23 – PlayStation 5NPR 9,500
17.Sony Ps5 Game (Hogwarts Legacy –
PlayStation 5)
NPR 9,500
18.Sony Ps5 Game (Atomic Heart For
NPR 9,000
19.Sony Ps5 Game (The Callisto Protocol
Day One Edition
NPR 9,000
20.Sony Ps5 Game (Resident Evil-4 for
NPR 9,000
21.Sony Ps5 Game (Elden Ring)NPR  9,000
22.Sony Ps4 Game (Street Fighter 6 For
NPR 8,800
23.Sony Ps5 Game (FIFA 23) – PlayStation 5NPR 8,700
24.Sony Ps4 Games (F1-2022)NPR 8,500
25.Sony Ps5 Games (Cricket-22)NPR 8,500
26.Sony Ps4 Game (Atomic Heart For
NPR 8,500
27.Sony Ps4 Game (Resident Evil-4
NPR 8,500
28.Sony Ps5 Game (Street Fighter 6 For
NPR 8,500
29.Sony PS5 Game (Death Stranding
Director’s Cut)
NPR  8,500
30.Sony Ps5 Games (Dying Light-2
Stay Human)
NPR 8,500
31.Sony Ps4 Game (Hogwarts Legacy
– PlayStation 4)
NPR 8,500
32.Sony Ps5 Game (Gran Turismo-7)NPR 8,500
33.God Of War Ragnarok PS5 Game
(PlayStation 5)
NPR  8,500
34.Sony Ps4 Game FIFA 23 – PlayStation 4NPR  8,500
35.PS5 Game Ghost of Tsushima Director’s CutNPR 8,500
36.Sony Ps5 Game (WWE 2K23 –
PlayStation 5)
NPR 8,400
37.Sony PS5 Game God Of War
NPR 8,400
38.Sony Ps5 Game (Ghost of Tsushima
Director’s Cut)
NPR 8,300
39.Sony Ps5 Game (Call of Duty: Black
Ops Cold War)
NPR  8,300
40.Sony Ps5 Game (God of War Ragnarök)
-Playstation 5
NPR  8,200
41.Sony PS5 Game WWE2K23NPR 8,200
42.Ps4 Game (Resident Evil-Village)NPR 8,000
43.Sony Ps4 Games (Dying Light-2
Stay Human)
NPR  8,000
44.Sony Ps5 Games (SIFU)NPR 8,000
45.Sony Ps4 Game (Minecraft Legends –
Deluxe Edition PlayStation-4)
NPR 8,000
46.Sony Ps4 Game (Gran Turismo-7)NPR 8,000
47.Sony Ps5 Game (Riders Republic PlayStation
-5 Standard Edition)
NPR  8,000
48.Sony Ps4 Game (Elden Ring)NPR  8,000
49.PS5 Game Cricket 22 – The Official
Game of The Ashes
NPR  8,000
Sony Playstation Price in Nepal

Microsoft Xbox Price in Nepal

S.NLatest Xbox Series(Microsoft)Latest Price(in R.S.)
1.Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD
Gaming Console
NPR  92,999
2.Xbox Series S 512 GB SSD Gaming
NPR 52,249
3.Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller
with Bluetooth (With 3.5 mm Jack) (Black)
NPR 10,000
4.Microsoft Xbox One Wireless
NPR 9,999
5.Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller For
Windows & Xbox 360 Console
NPR 4,479
6.N-1 Wired Controller For Xbox One
And PC Male Version
NPR 3,800
Microsoft Xbox Price in Nepal

Nintendo Switch Price in Nepal

S.NLatest Nintendo SwitchLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: 7-inch
OLED screen64 GB of internal storage
NPR 59,999
2.Nintendo Switch Lite – Gray ConsoleNPR 38,999
3.Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) – Neon Red/Neon
Blue: Battery Capacity 525 mAh Battery Life
(approx.) 20 hours Recharge Time 3.5 hours
NPR 10,450
4.Nintendo DS XL Game with 3 Pre-Installed TitlesNPR 60,999
5.Nintendo Switch Game Pokémon ScarletNPR 8,700
6.Nintendo Switch Game Pokémon VioletNPR 8,699
7.Nintendo Switch Game Aladdin and
The Lion King
NPR 7,800
8.Nintendo Switch Game Crash Team
Racing Nitro-Fueled
NPR 7,800
9.Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2NPR  7,800
10.Nintendo Switch Game Witcher 3: Wild
Hunt Complete Edition
NPR 7,800
11.Nintendo Switch Game Super Smash
Bros. Ultimate
NPR 7,800
12.Nintendo Switch Luigi’s Mansion 3NPR 7,800
13.Nintendo Switch Game Super
Mario Odyssey
NPR 7,800
14.Nintendo Switch Game Animal
Crossing: New Horizons
NPR  7,800
15.Nintendo Switch Pokémon Shining PearlNPR  7,800
16.Nintendo Switch Game MOTOGP 20NPR 7,800
17.Nintendo Switch Paper Mario: The
Origami King
NPR 7,600
18.Nintendo Switch Game Pokémon
Brilliant Diamond
NPR 7,600
19.Nintendo Switch Game Mario Kart
8 Deluxe
NPR 7,600
20.Pokemon Alpha Saphhire 3DSNPR 7,550
21.Nintendo Switch Game NBA2K22NPR  7,300
22.Nintendo Switch Game The Legend
of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
NPR 7,125
23.Nintendo Switch FIFA 23NPR 7,000
24.Nintendo Switch Game Pokemon:
Let’s Go, Pikachu
NPR 7,000
Nintendo Switch Price in Nepal

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