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Flash Drive Price in Nepal

There are Numbers of new Flash Drive released in Nepal priced under 7,000, Flash Drive price under 10,000, Flash Drive price under 15,000, Flash Drive price under 18,000 in Nepal and above.

We have covered the latest Flash Drive price in Nepal released by Various Popular Brands in Complete table below. With an innovation of technology, Flash Drive features and specifications are always gets upgraded.

Key Takeaways:” Flash Drive Market shares has been increased in Nepal, dominated by Sandisk, Transcend, Lexar, Silicon Power and more..”

Disclaimer:” The Price of Flash Drive in Nepal fluctuates from time to time because of various reasons like Offers in Festivals, Events etc. So, We request every users to keep updated with the latest price.

USB Flash Drive Price in Nepal: All Brands Covered: 2023

S.NLatest USB Flash DriveLatest Price(in R.S.)
1.Netac:1TBGB Fingerprint
Encrypted Flash Drive
NPR 18,500
2.Western Digital Ssd Wd
Blue – Sata #1Tb
NPR 11,000
3.EmtecT500 iCobra Flash Drive 128 GB
for IPhone &IPod devices
NPR 10,000
4.Transcend SSD Pendrive JF920
256 GB – USB 3.2
NPR 9,750
5.Adata Legend 710 Internal SSD
Drive 1TB
NPR 9,500
6.Portable HHD 1TB USB 3.0NPR 8,100
7.EmtecT500 iCobra2 Flash Drive 64
GB for IPhone &Ipod devices
NPR 7,000
8.128GB Pendrive | Lexar Jumpdrive
F35 Fingerprint | USB 3.0
NPR 6,750
9.Lexar S80 Pendrive 256GBNPR 6,500
10.Acer UM310 SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen
1 512GB USB Flash Drive –
NPR 5,999
11.64 GB 4in1 USB Flash Drive Memory
Stick Type C OTG Cross For iPhone
NPR 5,999
12.Coteetci Four Interface USB
Flash Drive 128GB
NPR 5,500
13.64GB Pendrive | Lexar Jumpdrive
F35 Fingerprint | USB 3.0
NPR 5,250
14.SanDiskk 128 GB Pendrive Ultra Dual
Drive Go USB Type C for Mobile Black
NPR 5,200
15.128GB Pendrive – JetFlash700 USB 3.1NPR 4,200
16.32GB Pendrive | Lexar Jumpdrive
F35 Fingerprint | USB 3.0
NPR 4,050
17.64GB 2 in 1 Micro USB 2.0 & 8 Pin
USB iDrive iReader Flash Memory
NPR 4,000
18.Sandisk:5 set of 64GB Cruzer
Blade Pendrive USB 2.0
NPR 4,000
19.Sandisk Type-C OTG Pendrive 128GB Ultra
Dual Drive Go USB for SmartPhone,
NPR 4,000
20.Silicon Power Blaze B30 256 GB
USB3.2 Gen 1 Pendrive
NPR 3,999
21.Silicon Power B32 128gb Pendrive USB
3.2 Gen1 Highspeed Pendrive
NPR 3,799
22.Transcend JF810 128 GB-Rugged
Rubber Body- USB 3.0
NPR 3,500
23.HOCO USB Pendrive 3.0 – UD5 (128GB)NPR 3,199
24.Toshiba:128GB Ultra USB3.0NPR 3,000
25.Blue Color Lexar S80 16 GB Pendrive
USB 3.1 Set Of 2
NPR 2,650
USB Flash Drive Price in Nepal: All Brands Covered: 2023

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