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Dipesh Tripathi aka “The Nepali Comment”Content Creator, IT Graduate
Real NameDipesh Tripathi
Date of Birthn/a
Place of Birthn/a
Height5.5 Feet
Known for“The Nepali Comment”
Academic EducationBachelor in IT
Net Worthn/a
Home Townn/a

Who is “the Nepali comment”?

Dipesh Tripathi aka “The Nepali Comment” is a popular content creator from Nepal who aims to produce the informational content in a very simpler and understandable format so, every audiences can understand him with easy.

Dipesh Tripathi aka” The Nepali Comment” is known for an authentic, genuine and creative content creator whose contents are way researched and focused to deliver the real and exact content videos excluding biasness.

Dipesh Tripathi has covered the informational content on:

  • Nepali Politics
  • History
  • Finances
  • Aviation Research
  • Geo-Politics
  • Rise and Fall of Business

What is the real name of youtuber” The Nepali Comment”

The man behind the Youtube content creator aka ” The Nepali Comment ” is Mr. Dipesh Tripathi.

Dipesh Tripathi aka “The Nepali Comment” Education

Dipesh Tripathi discussed and shared his experiences about his dilemma of Choosing the academics that fits for him on the podcast with The doers Nepal ,Anup Ghimire and Sushant Pradhan Podcasts.

He tried most of the faculties in search of figuring out which category of academic faculty will be suitable for him. He gave the exam for forestry, for an engineering entrance preparation and many more.

But, You know every thing takes time to know and be more clear about what we want to do.

How can you confidently say the test of coffee without actually testing it?

Well, for that you need to test it or either, you have to conversate and discuss the topic with an experienced one who knows each and everything about coffee ,right.

Ultimately, Mr. Dipesh Tripathi aka ” The nepali comment” choosed to study Bachelor in Information Technology (B.IT).

He said, he tried coding and programming for a year to know more about how he feel about it , but again he did not enjoy it as he expected

So, He started Producing the informational video on Youtube,during the free period of COVID-19.

And, he never stopped from there.

Dipesh Tripathi aka “The nepali comment” Networth

Kathmandueditions is unaware about the financial networth of Dipesh Tripathi aka “The nepali comment” .

But, We can analyze his Youtube channel monetizations through:

  • Ad’s
  • Sponshorships and Brand Collaboration

Dipesh Tripathi aka :The Nepali comment” Media Coverage

Dipesh Tripathi’s Background story is quite inspiring for all an aspiring content creators from nepal.


He was firstly covered by the Most renown podcast of nepal “The doers Nepal” With Anup Ghimire.


Similarly, he was recently covered by the Value-adding podcast of Nepal in Sushant Pradhan Podcasts, where he has shared how the nepali comment was found, film making and content creations, How he is leading his teams in the nepali comment, legality of content, misinformation responsibility, nepals history, censorship misinformation


In the sameway, he has shared his journey of life in a funny way in The story yeller as well.

Dipesh Tripathi aka :The Nepali comment” Hobby/Passion

Dipesh Tripathi aka ” The nepali comment” has mentioned that he was always fond of film-making and creating content which can provide the value and entertainment at the same time as well.

Dipesh Tripathi aka “The nepali comment” Social channels

You can meet and Say hi in social channels of Dipesh Tripathi aka “The nepali comment ” on:




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