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Hello and Namaste from Kathmandu Editions!

In the heart of Nepal’s bustling capital, our team at Kathmandu Editions is always eager to connect with you. Whether you’re a curious reader with questions, a business looking for advertising opportunities, or a writer with a story to tell, we’re here to listen and engage. Your thoughts, inquiries, and contributions breathe life into our daily work.

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Have a question, feedback, or just a thought to share? We’re all about conversations at Kathmandu Editions. Drop us a line at, and let’s start a dialogue. Whether it’s a comment on our latest article or a question about our platform, we’re here to answer and assist.

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Thinking of partnering with us for your advertising needs? We’re thrilled! At Kathmandu Editions, we offer a variety of advertising options to suit your business goals. Reach out to us at, and let’s explore how we can collaborate to create impactful advertising strategies that resonate with our audience.

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Are you a storyteller at heart or have an opinion piece you’re eager to share? Our editorial team would love to hear from you. Send your article pitches or submissions to Whether you’re an experienced journalist or a fresh voice with a unique perspective, we welcome your contributions that enrich our content and engage our readers.

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At Kathmandu Editions, we believe in the power of stories to connect, inform, and inspire. Every email you send, every story you share, and every ad you place helps us build a platform that reflects the diverse voices of our community. We’re not just a news website; we’re a tapestry of stories, ideas, and conversations. Your engagement is what makes this possible.So, whether you have a burning question, a brilliant idea, or just want to say hi, we’re here, ready to connect. Let’s build this story together.

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