11 Best Web Design Companies in Nepal:2024

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Having a fantastic website is similar to having a charming front door of a library, where readers can be excited to figure, out how the books are kept inside.

Finding the right web design company to design your dream website is quite a big decision for online businesses in Nepal from small to medium-sized.

It’s like choosing the perfect soulmate with whom we can relate to, and understand us to help them shine.

Just think of it like searching for a colleague who knows all the best restaurants in Kathmandu.

You want someone who understands your taste, styles, and requirements to figure out the best restaurant something amazing, isn’t it?

In Nepal, there are many web design companies to choose from, but finding the best one for your business is essential, where Webedcutter can be a great fit for your brands to grow.

Best Web Design Companies in Nepal


Webedcutter is the #1 and Best Web design company in Nepal.

We pride ourselves on our 8+ years of unwavering commitment to excellence in three crucial domains: SEO, online marketing, and web design.

We measure our success not just in numbers, but in the tangible growth and prosperity we bring to our clients helping them achieve remarkable growth ranging from 8% to an impressive 25%.

Services Offered

Services Offered

Service Description Learn More
SEO Service Improve your website’s search engine visibility with our tailored SEO strategies. SEO Service
PPC Service Drive immediate results and increase conversions with our targeted PPC advertising campaigns. PPC Service
Web Development Service Create a stunning and functional website tailored to your business needs with our web development expertise. Web Development Service

2. Digital Terai

Digital Terai is a web design agency located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

With a vision to grow Nepali businesses on the web and promote digital marketing campaigns, they offer services like web design, search engine optimization, etc.

3. Genesis Web Technology

Genesis Web Technology is a Web Development Company founded in Kathmandu, Nepal driven by the innovation to resurrect the aspirations of our clients through the use of contemporary and original ideas.

They offer services like web designing & development, and mobile app development.

4. Softbenz

Softbenz Infosys is working in the fields of website design and software development in Nepal, mobile app development, digital marketing, and graphics design.

Located at Shankhamul, Kathmandu our B2B (Business to Business) company aims to deliver precise tech services to deliver quality outputs.

5. Webhouse Nepal

Web House Nepal is a Nepal-based IT company specializing in creating websites, web apps, software, and mobile apps and providing a variety of services like digital marketing and graphic designing.

6. It traders Nepal

IT Traders Nepal is a digital service-oriented company in Nepal, focused on providing a wide range of digital services like website design, website re-design, and graphic design.

They are open to help with business and its marketing plan through digital planning and strategies.

7.SoftNEP Pvt Ltd

SoftNEP is a software development company, that delivers services in the IT landscape in Nepal.

Specializing in a wide array of services, including website design, software development, mobile app creation, digital marketing, and website hosting.

8. Prime it Sewa

Prime it Sewa is a web design company in Nepal passionate about creating websites delivering from basic to advanced features.

They offer a range of customizable packages that include everything from web design and development to ongoing maintenance and support.

9. Ultrabyte

Ultrabyte is a technology company in Nepal offering services like web designing, graphic designing, and mobile application development located in Maitidevi, Kathmandu Nepal.

10. Digimarknepal

Digimark Nepal is a Digital marketing & website development Company located in Madhyapur Thimi 03, Bhaktapur Nepal.

They offer services like web hosting, web design & development, mobile application, and Search engine optimization.

11. Web creation Nepal

Web Creation Nepal is an IT company in Nepal offering services like web design and mobile app development to clients.

They use the latest tools & technology, dynamic web and mobile application solutions, and upgraded web design programming.

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